Baby Goat Born, welcome to the family


I was out chopping wood Yesterday and in my own little world. My wife came out to chat for a while and have a smoke, after a minute of brief chattign we noticed a goat in the pasture bellowing. “What in the hell is going on?” we thought. 2 Does are ready to have kids, but we figured probably not for another week or so. We went out to investigate, and that damned LLama was sitting on top of the female Alpine goat, squishing her, and she was screaming for all she was worth. We tried calling him, tried pushing him, tried pulling him off of her. That stubborn son of a bitch wouldn’t budge. (As you can tell the Llama is not my favorite animal! If the wife would let me i would have put a bullet in it a year ago! So any ways, heres this stupid dumb ass llama, smashing our pregnant goat and not budging. Finally about a 3 inch diameter and 6 foot long Fir Branch laying on the ground across his skull got him off her. Once he got off, we saw two baby goat feet sticking out of the back of her. “Oh great, here she was trying to give birth, and that stupid llama probably killed it. Any ways, we started helping her, i grabbed the baby feet, and not pulling but more keeping constant outward pressure as she pushed. Low and behold both the mama and the baby lived. That llama kept coming over snorting, kept trying to stomp the kid, and finally got another branch across the face. The wife picked up that baby Alpine Kid, i picked up the mommy, and we carried them over to a small Kid pen we have. That way momma and baby would have a safe place to nurture and grow. We also have a LaManche Goat that is pregnant and getting pretty big, she has a decent bag hanging already too, and I think they were bred just days apart. So I baited her into the Pig pen with some grain. (No, we do not have pigs in the pen at the moment, butchered them last fall and have not gotten any new piglets yet).  But now she will have a safe place to have her kid/s as well. The pig pen is about 80ftx60ft. Natural grass pasture, with a shelter shed about 6ftx6ft. Some large fir trees for shade, a feeder, a watering unit, and a high and low placed hot wire all around the fence. Actually it is a pretty ideal Goat pen. The smaller pen i have mama and baby in now is smaller and more McGuiver’d together. It is only about 6ftx15ft. It has one of those Igloo shaped large dog houses in it (young goats actually love that thing, fit inside it well and when older they love jumping and playing on it), it too has a feeder, and watering device is actually just one of those round plastic Kiddy pools for toddler swimming. It too is a dirt floor kind of pen, we do not run any livestock on concrete floored pens of any kind. This smaller pen does have a wire room i had built. (Doubles as a duck, turkey, and overflow chicken pen). I used just normal woven field wire for the roof, propped up every 6ft or to with Forked wooden hand cut posts. Works great, Any ways, i threw a couple of tarps over the wire roof and tied them off, making almost a Yurt style roof. This should keep the rain off mama and baby enough so he can get a little bigger and tolerate the wet and cold better. More updates to come. Another baby due any time.


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