Summer Time Annoyances On The Farm


Summer is in full swing. Work is super busy and we have been working 12 hour days (some times 13 hour days), and every other week we are lucky enough to have to work Saturdays as well. Life on the farm has been just as busy! Talk about burning the candle at both ends. Peas and beans are needing picked  and frozen/canned, along with many other veggies that are becoming ripe and ready to pick/pull. Weeds and grasses are going gangbusters, and water consumption for animals is at a yearly high. Every aspect of the farm life is busy and buzzing. Which brings me to my first “Summer Time Annoyance.” Here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest we have a plethora of Bee’s called “Yellow Jackets.” The nasty little boogers are making nests EVERYWHERE this time of year. My big farm truck has sat in one spot for about 2 months now, and I went to get something out of the toolbox in the truck bed, as soon as I opened the lid I was swarmed with about 50 angry little bees and saw their nest is already about the size of a softball attatched to the underside of the toolbox lid. For any one not Familiar with the Northwest Yellow Jacket, their are not actually a Bee per-say, they are a Wasp, and closest animal relative is the aggressive Hornet (definition per Wikipedia). Honey bees for example tend to want to do their job, and will only sting if threatened, and once stung the stinger pulls out killing the bee. A yellow jacket wasp however, hates humans with a passion and will go out of their way to sting you on site! Their stingers stay connected to their bodies and can sting you over and over and over. This is especially no fun since once they see you, they will drop what they are doing and come sting you, and as you run away they will fallow you in a cloud of large numbers all stinging you over and over again, and pack a healthy dose of venom in each sting causing massive sting swelling. Long story short, I HATE these little boogers! So i went and bought some wasp and hornet killer (3 cans of the shoot kind of spray). I went all around the house spraying all the years new nests (as this is an every summer event. Yellow jackets make nests in shady protected areas of all types, including mouse holes underground, under house and building eves, under gutters, truck bed tool boxes, truck beds, anything they can crawl under and dont get rained and snowed on. Twas a good year for the Yellow jacket this year. Killed 13 nests under the house eves, 4 under the pump house eves, one in each side of the truck tool box, 3 inder the lips of the bed rails of the pick up, found one underground one that i used a large 4th of july smoke bomb on and covered the hole with dirt after lighting it and throwing it down the hole, and 2 in the woodshed! 25 in nests in all! Take that you mean little suckers!