Readers respond, what should i plant next?

So the garden is all tilled u p. It tilled up beautifully! Every year with the addition of more and more manure the soild gets better and better. Each year it is darker and richer obvious by just sight alone. I planted Peas, Garlic, Yellow neck squash, lettuce, carrots, and some Zucchini squash. 

 In this blog, I want to ask you, the readers, what you would like to see me grow. I always grow our main staples and family favorites, and every year i try a new thing or three. Last year I tried rainbow carrots, Pac Choi, and gourds. It is still early enough this season that any addition would be able to either be planted right away or early enough to wait a month or so until it needs planting. So feel free to chiume in folks, your ideas are certainly welcome, and you can read baout your choices progress as they grow. Very excited to hear from all of you.

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