My name is Dustin, 30 yrs old and I live outside of Beautiful Molalla Oregon with my wife and two children. We have a twenty acre farm that we take care of aside from our jobs and family. We are also trying to better prepare our farm and our household in case of natural disaster, economic collapse, etc. In short, we are striving to be as self sustained as possible. We grow most of our own food, we raise livestock, we grow a pretty large garden that we can and freeze things for winter from, and other than going to work we try to stay as close to the farm as possible.
I was born and raised on an 88 acre farm just outside Molalla, and my wife was also raised on a small farm outside the next town over from ours. We both have a pretty good grasp on farming, raising livestock, and being self sufficient. We have lived in families that were all that way for hundreds of years, and we are trying to keep the traditions alive, and hopefully pass it on to our children.
I decided to start this blog (lol what ever a blog is, this country boy isn’t excactly super “net” savvy), to share our adventures, our journey, our accomplishments and our failures in our attempt of running a self sufficient “prepper farm”. I am sure there are others that are doing the same, thinking of doing the same, or planning on it in the future. And unlike us doing things by trial and error, maybe my recorded efforts will be useful to the next person that comes along wanting to attempt the same thing, with out all the troubles and failures that we may have.

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